Past Productions from 2011

September 16th-21st 2019 - Annie The Musical, performed by the Phoenix Young Players

May 9th -16th 2019 - Relatively Speaking by Alan Ayckbourn directed by Steven Kellett

February 21st-28th 2019 - 'Holiday Snap' by Michael Pertwee and John Chapman directed by Louella Chesterman

January 14th-17th 2019 - 'The Sketch Show', a young players production directed by Jonah Thompson

November 22nd-29th 2018 - 'Oh What A Lovely War' by Joan Littlewood directed by Tony Jones

September 25th-28th 2018- An evening of One-Act Comedy Plays Wardrobe Wars, En Attendant Francois, The Bognor Regis Vampire and Have a Nice Day

July 9th-11th 2018 - 'The Midnight Circus Youth Theatre production directed by Chloe Whitehouse

May 12th - 19th 2018 'Safari Party' by Tim Firth directed by Sue Stevenson

Feb 24th - March 3rd 2018 'Dangerous Corner' by JB Priestley directed by Rupert Atkinson

January 23rd - 27th 2018 'Cinderella' directed by Chloe Whitehouse

November 18th - 25th 2017 ‘Silhouette’ by Simon Brett directed by Helen Shepherd

May 13th - 20th 2017 'Quartet' by Ronald Harwood directed by Tony Jones

March 31st - April 7th 2017 'The Wizard of Oz'. directed by Chloe Whitehouse

March 4th - 11th 2017 'If I Were You' by Alan Ayckbourn, directed by Sue Stevenson.

Dec 13th - 15th 2016 Is This Even a Christmas Show a Young Players producton, directed by Chloe Whitehouse

Nov 26th - Dec 3rd The Farndale Avenue's Christmas Carol by David McGillivray and Walter Zerlin Jnr Directed by Steve Kellett.

Sept 21st - 24th The Proposal and The Bear by Anton Chekhov and Gosforth's Fete by Alan Ayckbourn Directed by Matthew Hopson, Louella Chesterman and Dan Guest.

June 30th Caroline Comes to Tea by Dilys Owen, Directed by Tony Jones. Part of 'Acting Together' a collaborative 3 venue, one act play festival.

May 14th - 21st Neville's island by Tim Firth. Directed by Sue Stevenson.

March 5th - 12th Oliver the musical by Lionel Bart and Charles Dickens. Directed by Chloe Whitehouse.

Dec 5th - 12th Spring and Port Wine by Bill Naughton directed by Rupert Atkinson.

Sept 30th - Oct 3rd 2015 Alarms and Excursions by Michael Frayn. Directed by Louella Chesterman and Steve Kellett.

Sept 10th - 12th 2015 'This Is Rocket Fuel’ and 'Venus Cloacina' by Will Perkins and Sam Smithson. 'Not Quite Ready Productions'.

May 16 - 23 2015 Ding Dong (Sexe et Jalousie) by Marc Camoletti. Directed by Helen Shepherd.

Feb 28 - March 7 2015 Steel Magnolias by Robert Harling. Directed by Steve Kellett.

Jan 12th - 14th 2015 The Tree That Holds Up The Sky, by Paul King A Young Players production directed by Tony Jones

Nov 22nd - 29th 2014 The 39 Steps, Adapted by Patrick Barlow from the book by John Buchan Directed by Rupert Atkinson

May 17th -24th 2014 Life and Beth by Alan Ayckbourn Directed by Sue Stevenson

Mar 13th - 15th 2014 - 2 one act plays by the Young Players ‘A Dark Night’ written and directed by by Tony Jones and
'Mam, there’s a spaceship in our backyard’ written and directed by Sarah Cowan .

Feb 22nd - March 1st 'Kilimanjaro' by Steve Kellett Directed by Steve Kellett and Sue Stevenson.

Nov 9th - 16th 2013 'Who Saw Him Die' by Tudor Gates Directed by Edward Burroughs.

July 9th - 12th 2013 "Bugsy Malone' A Young Players production directed by Tony Jones and Sarah Cowan.

May 11th - 18th 2013 'Wife After Death' by Eric Chappell Directed by Sue Stevenson.

March 2nd - 9th 2013 'When We Are Married' by JB Priestley Directed by Rupert Atkinson.

Nov 17th - 24th 2012 'Let It Be Me' by Carey Jane Hardy. Directed by Trudy Panting.

Sept 12th to 15th (One Act Play) 'Alternative Accommodation' by Pam Valentine Directed by Helen Shepherd

Sept 12th to 15th (One Act Play) 'A Light Lunch' by Bridgette Derrett Directed by Matthew Hopson

July 11th to 14th 2012 'Vaccies' by Tony Jones. A Young Players production.

May 19th to 26th 2012 'The Perfect Murder' by Hugh Janes (Adapted from Jeffrey Archer story) Directed by Paula Hadley

Feb 25th - March 3rd 2012 'Mr Wonderful' by James Robson. Directed by Bob Geeson.

Dec 8th - 10th 2011 'puppylove.con' by Sarah Cowan. Directed by Sarah Cowan. A Young Players Production.

Nov 10 - 19 2011 ''Allo 'Allo' by David Croft and Jeremy Lloyd Directed by Sue Stevenson.

May 14 - 21 2011 'Find The Lady' by Michael Pertwee. Directed by Steve Kellett.

Mar 16 - 19 2011 'House of the Rising Stars' by Rob Southwick. A Young Players Production.

Feb 26 - Mar 5 2011 'Natural Causes' by Eric Chappell. Directed by Pat Abbott.