'Holiday Snap', a comedy Michael Pertwee and John Chapman, performed February 21st to 28th 2019

The 39 Steps 39 steps

The 39 Steps, Adapted by Patrick Barlow from the book by John Buchan. Pictured, as they appear in order (L to R), Jon Whiteley (Richard Hannay) Steven Kellett (compere / heavy 1/ salesman 2 / porter/ policeman / Sheriff / Dunwoody), Graham Hadley (milkman / professor /Mr McGarrigle), Dan Guest (Mr Memory / heavy 2 / Mrs Higgins/ salesman 1 / paperboy / Inspector / McQuarrie), Trudy Panting (Annabella Schmidt / Margaret / Pamela).

Kilimanjaro Kilimanjaro Kilimanjaro

'Kilimanjaro' by Steve Kellett. Pictured(L to R), Jon Whiteley(Len), Mary Kingsnorth(Jenny) Robert Geeson (Rob) and Steve Kellett (Geoff)

When We are Married When We are Married When We are Married

'When we Are Married' by J.B. Priestley. Pictured are (L to R in order) Keith Waring (Herbert Soppitt), Jon Whiteley Alderman Joe Helliwell), Graham Hadley (Councillar Albert Parker), Jean Waring (Clara Soppitt), Paula Hadley (Maria Helliwell), Liz Atkinson (Annie Parker); Ken Blackman (Reverend Mercer), Matthew Hopson (Gerald Forbes), Rachael Whiteley (Ruby Birtell), Sandra Blackman (Mrs Northrop); Martin Dodgson (Fred), Gordon Cross (Henry Ormonroyd), Jane Thomson (Nancy Holmes) and Samantha Brazier (Lottie).

When We are Married When We are Married When We are Married When We are Married When We are Married When We are Married

'Let It Be Me' by Carey Jane Hardy, performed Nov 17th - 24th 2012.
Pictured are Liz Atkinson and Sue Stevenson

Two One Act plays, 'Alternative accommodation' by Pam Valentine and 'A Light Lunch' by Bridgette Derrett, performed from 12th to 15th September 2012, as part of our Performing Arts Festival, celebrating 80 years of Bawtry Theatre. From left to right, Christina, Kathryn Zuurbier, Jon Whiteley, Rupert Atkinson, Alison Legg and Will Wheatley.

Perfect Murder by Hugh Janes, performed May 19th to 26th 2012 (Adapted from a Jeffrey Archer story).

'Allo 'Allo November 2011. Pictured are Trudy Panting, Robert Geeson, Mary Kingsnorth, Tim Cotton and Eleanor Dixon

Murder Room November 2006. Cast List; Bob Geeson, Sue Stevenson, Steve Bickerstaffe, Tony Jones, Lynn Clark and Sandra Blackman.

From 2005 , the collaboratively written Caught on the Boundary; and Noel Coward's Private Lives

2004 Farndale Avenue Townswomen's Guild's production of Macbeth.

Photo Left, Sue Stevenson, Janet Wedgwood and Lynn Clark.

Photo Right, Kathryn Zuurbier, Lynn Clark and Bob Geeson

The Constant Wife 2003. Cast picture right shows, from left to right; Trudy Panting, Bob Geeson, Rupert Atkinson, Edward Burroughs, Lynn Clark, Phil Baker. Seated; Judith Barton, Catherine Schofield, Kathryn Zuurbier.

In 2002 we performed 'We're Gonna Win the Cup' written and directed by one of our members Steve Kellett. Photographed are, Trudy Panting (Sheila); Bob Geeson (Eric); Jonathan Caunt (Darren); and Sue Stevenson (Veronica).

And we have included a photograph of some of those who are often to be found beavering away behind the scenes of our productions. Although in this picture they have been busy getting the auditorium back into a usable state again after the roof work.

Taking a break from the decorating. Pictured are Pauline Dunn, from our costume department, bar manager Gordon Stevenson, Richard Hogg of our set building team and theatre director Bob Geeson.

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